Social Media for Accountants

Like it or not, your clients use Facebook

Did you know Facebook Ads can target identify and target your ideal clients

Facebook Ads are different to posting content and updating a facebook page with what you are up to.

With Facebook Ads you create an advert (like you used to do in the local paper) and target that
advert to the interests, ages, demographics and locations that match your ideal client.

Facebook is smart enough to deliver your ad to only those people that match your ideal client criteria.

Our managed Accountant Facebook Advertising service can help put your brand and message in front of your ideal clients.


60% of users over 55 use facebook  -

95% of consumers use facebook on daily basis -


Our creative team can work with you to create a Facebook advertising campaign that targets your ideal client and generate new client leads.


But what about the other Social Media platforms, like LinkedIn, Twitter, SnapChat

Our research has shown that content marketing on Social Media for accountants does not work that well. In order to do it effectively, you need to be creating unique content and posting blogs on a regular basis. Even this activity does not generate immediate leads. 

There are better ways to spend your marketing dollar that will provide a return on investment.

Speak to us about getting the best ROI from your marketing spend.